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  • creamcrackers
    31 Mrz 2013

    Dear Louie, we are a brand new swing duo.
    We started last year producig our songs and trnsform old Italian and American 50’s songs in older late 30’s swing manouche balkan sound.
    We descovered about you with our producer, and we want to propose you if you’d like to mix some of our songs in electo swing.
    Some guys are working too on that because we are very intrested to record an electroswing album and perform it on live shows as well.
    Here you are our facebook page to listen to some homerecorded songs https://www.facebook.com/creamcrackersduo.
    And if you’re intrested i’ll send you soon some record session.
    many thanks
    Dario and Ludovica

    • DJ Globalution
      31 Mrz 2013

      thank You,
      thats sounds very exciting,
      Pleas send me some tracks & Sounds.
      Happy Easter

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